About the pedagogical resources for Sage.

This website intends to gather pedagogical resources about the free open source mathematical software Sage. As any collective task, anyone is welcome to contribute.


Adding content

Everybody can add some new document to the database. To do so, it suffice to register and select "New document" in the "Edition" section. In that early step, your contribution will be reviewed before appearing on the the public website (this light restriction aims to avoid spam).


After two accepted contributions, you automatically become an editor which means that all your further contributions will be accepted without review. Moreover, you will be able to review contributions of newcomers. You can also edit existing entries in the database.


This website aims to become multilingual. You can help in its translation in your favorite language. Contact us on the mailing-list to become a translator (or should any editor be also a translator by default ?).


To be useful as pedagogical sources, all trackedd documents must be modifiable and shareable by anybody, hence they shoud be published under a free license or dedicated to the public domain: (e.g. GPL, FDL, some Creative Commons licenses would be valid).

Development and Hosting

This website relies on the django web framework (with postgresql and elasticsearch as databases). It is developed by Luca de Feo, Vincent Delecroix and Thierry Monteil. You can get the source on the development website.

This website is hosted at Laboratoire d'informatique de Paris Nord. Many thanks to Michael Fortier for his help.